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Give Podiatry A Shot If You Have These Three Conditions

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It can be easy to develop a foot issue and try to simply ignore it, but the reality often is that if your feet are sore, you can feel quite miserable. Forget about browsing the Internet in an attempt to self-diagnose and treat your condition. It's far more effective to schedule a visit with a local podiatrist and have an expert get to the bottom of the problem once and for all. Your podiatrist is trained and diagnosing a variety of foot-related problems and will be able to provide an extensive array that can you have back on your feet and feeling good. Here are three reasons to schedule this important visit.

Ingrown Toenail

As minor as it might initially seem, an ingrown toenail can cause you considerable pain even when you're not on your feet. If you've had trouble dealing with this issue on your own, your podiatrist will be able to help. He or she will determine the reason for the ingrown toenail and help to fix it. Often, the manner in which you cut your toenails can be a culprit, but other causes can include tight-fitting socks or shoes that are too small. Regardless of the reason, the podiatrist will suggest the changes you need to make to allow the toenail to grow in properly and prevent the risk of future issues of this nature.

Athlete's Foot

Despite its name, athlete's foot is common even among people who aren't active. This fungal infection can result in painful symptoms such as burning and itching. Your podiatrist will recommend a cream that will kill the fungus and also take a deeper look at the circumstances that may have led to this issue. For example, many people who wear old running shoes laden with bacteria can find relief by buying some new footwear based on the podiatrist's recommendation.

Ankle Pain

While it's true that many podiatry patients seek this sort of medical care because of issues specifically related to the foot, the reality is that your podiatrist is also trained to handle ankle-related issues. If you find that your ankles are consistently sore after prolonged periods of walking, for example, the podiatrist will be able to get the bottom of this problem. There's a chance your gait might be irregular or simply that you have muscle weakness on either the inside or outside of your ankle. In either case, the podiatrist will help you make changes to how you walk or suggest ankle-strengthening exercises that can help reduce your discomfort. 

Contact a local podiatrist, such as Dr. Maurice Levy, for further assistance.